Nutrition & Diet for Healthy Lifestyles in Europe

Working Party 1 : Final Report

14 June 2000


 Chair : Anna Ferro-Luzzi,  National Research Institute for Food & Nutrition, Rome.
Rapporteur : W.P.T. James, Public Health Policy Group, IASO/IOTF, London

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Scientific review documents were commissioned for Working Party 1 and form the reference bases of the summary report.  Abstracts of these articles are available here :

  1. Epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases in Europe
    D Kromhout

  2. Coronary  heart disease: dietary links and pathogenesis
    S Renaud, D Lanzmann-Petithory

  3. Cancer prevention and diet: opportunities in Europe
    E Riboli and T Norat

  4. Diet, genetic susceptibility and carcinogenesis
    P Vineis

  5. MTHFR gene polymorphism, homocysteine and cardiovascular disease
    C Cortese and C Motti

  6. Healthy lifestyles in Europe: prevention of obesity and type II diabetes by diet and physical activity
    A Astrup

  7. Health benefits of physical activity with special reference to interaction with diet
    IM Vuori

  8. Iodine deficiency disorders in Europe, P Vitti, T Rago
    F Aghina-Lombardi and A Pinchera

  9. Iron deficiency in Europe,  S Hercberg
    P Preziosi and P Galan

  10. Calcium and vitamin D nutrition and bone disease of the elderly
    C Gennari

  11. Factors affecting energy and macronutrient requirements in elderly people
    P Ritz

  12. Dietary effects on dental diseases
    A Sheiham

  13. Selenium, selenoproteins and human health: a review
    KM Brown and JR Arthur

  14. Folates and prevention of disease
    AM Molloy and JM Scott

  15. Fetal programming and adult health
    KM Godfrey and DJP Barker

  16. Dietary guidelines for pregnancy: a review of the current evidence
    AA Jackson and SM Robinson

  17. Breastfeeding in countries of the European Union and EFTA; current and proposed recommendations, rationale, prevalence, duration and trends
    A Yngve and M Sjöström

  18. A review of ethnicity, health and nutrition-related diseases in relation to migration in the United Kingdom
    J Landman and JK Cruickshank

  19. Nutrition and health among migrants in the Netherlands
    JH Brussaard, MA van Erp-Baart, HAM Brants, KFAM Hulshof and MRH Löwik

The full text of these articles will  be made available by the European Commission in 2002.
The articles were first published in the peer reviewed journal Public Health Nutrition  4. 2(B) 2001: "Nutrition and Diet for Healthy Lifestyles in Europe: the EURODIET evidence".  Special Issue editors : A. Ferro Luzzi, M. Gibney and M. Sjöström.

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