Nutrition & Diet for Healthy Lifestyles in Europe

The school setting: an opportunity for the implementation of dietary guidelines 

Carmen Pérez-Rodrigo1*, Knut-Inge Klepp2, Agneta Yngve3, Michael Sjöström3, Lynn Stockley4, Javier Aranceta1 

  1. Community Nutrition Unit, Bilbao Department of Public Health, Luis Brinas 18; 3 Planta, E 48013 Bilbao, Spain

  2. Institute for Nutrition Research, University of Oslo, P O Box 1046, Oslo, Norway

  3. Unit for Preventive Nutrition, Department of Biosciences, Karolinska Institutet, 141 57 Huddinge, Sweden

  4. Food & Nutrition Consultant, Timberland, Mill Hill, Brockweir, nr Chepstow, Gloucestershire, NP16 7NN, UK

Short Title: Dietary guidelines in the school setting

Keywords : School, diet, physical activity, dietary guidelines, health promotion, nutrition education, intervention

Nutrition, physical activity and health related promotion programmes in schools have developed into a mature field of research over the past decades. A number of success factors have been identified and evidence-based interventions have been performed. However, the school setting as an arena for evidence-based health promotion programmes, is still not used to its full potential. Schools provide an excellent arena for reaching large segments of the population, such as young people, school staff, families and the surrounding community. 
There is a need for an overview regarding the current status of nutrition, physical activity, related health as well as support structures in the EU member states. Based upon such an analysis, a consensus report should be written, pointing out the major problems at hand. Self-assessment tools for national as well as for school level should be produced, in order to guide changes, but also to include an element of continuous assessment of change, for evaluation purposes.


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