Nutrition & Diet for Healthy Lifestyles in Europe

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The Eurodiet project, formally titled “Nutrition and Diet for Healthy Lifestyles in Europe”, was coordinated by the University of Crete and financially supported by the European Commission Directorate General for Health & Consumer Protection (Unit F/3), and the Ministry of Health Greece. The project was successfully completed in 2001. The EURODIET Core Report with an introduction by Commissioner David Byrne, is available on the European Commission web site. The Eurodiet Reports and Evidence Base were scheduled for publication by the European Commission in 2002.  In the meantime

About Eurodiet

The Eurodiet project was commissioned in recognition that the considerable body of scientific evidence on healthy nutrition and lifestyles needs to inform health policy.  The aims were ambitious : “To enable a coordinated EU and member state health promotion program on nutrition, diet and healthy lifestyles by establishing a network, strategy and action plan for the development of European dietary guidelines, which will provide a framework for the development by member states of national food-based dietary targets”.

Eurodiet set out to define practical European guidelines for diet-related disease prevention and health promotion. To realize this, the Eurodiet steering committee adopted an integrated approach.  Four working parties were created to evaluate the state of the art in terms of : 

  1. Health & Nutrients : the role of diet and lifestyles in health and disease patterns in Europe.

  2. Nutrients & Foods : translating nutrient targets into effective food-based dietary guidelines (FBDG); 

  3. Foods & People : effective ways of encouraging health promoting changes in eating and physical activity patterns and

  4. People and Policies : the opportunities and barriers posed by the broader policy framework

Each working party also considered what needs to be done and how – in terms of actions required to take the scientific recommendations forward and the added value of EU level policy and structures.

Project participants included leading scientists from the Member States and EEA countries, policy advisers and representatives from national and European agencies and NGOs concerned with health promotion, food & nutrition - including representatives from the food chain industry and from educational, medical, social and consumer organizations

Realization of the project entailed a 2-year process (1998-2000) of scientific evaluation, consultation and debate.  The draft reports of the working parties were posted on this website and written comments received from scientists and stakeholder representatives reviewed.  The consultative process culminated with a European Conference held in Crete, Greece in May 2000 to debate the science and policy implications.  The results of this process are available here in the form of the Eurodiet Core Report

Pending publication by the European Commission, the final reports of the Eurodiet working parties and abstracts of the scientific reviews produced for Eurodiet are also currently available on this site : 

  1. European Diet and Public Health : the continuing challenge.
  2. A Framework for Food-Based Dietary Guidelines in the EU
  3. Toward Public Health Nutrition Strategies in the EU
  4. Policy, Trade, Economic and technological Aspects of Improving Nutrient intakes and Lifestyles in the EU.

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